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Prospect Park In Spring Snow Storm 2014

Randy Briggs

    About Randy:
    Randy Briggs- Photographer
    Contact: Photographer@Randy-Briggs.com

    Randy was introduced to photography through backpacking trips in which he felt such beauty had to be captured and brought back home to show others. This sparked interest in improving skills and Randy then spent several years being formally educated in B&W photography in which a variety of film formats and equipment was used for developing and printing in a B&W film environment.

    The rewards of improving photographic skills soon found Randy practicing wedding and portrait photography in which word of mouth kept Randy busy for the next decade. The challenges of wedding photography develop every aspect of photographic skill from knowing the equipment, working with subjects and lighting, and doing so in a fast changing environment.

    Photography is an art that challenges ones imagination, a talent that can be practiced to gain experience and finally a skill that can be perfected while creating infinite learning opportunities for anyone willing to devote the energy required. Mistakes have been made in the thirty plus years Randy has practiced photography, but mistakes create learning experiences that prevent the same mistakes in the future. Technology has changed since the days B&W darkroom work, and although this technology allows many newcomers to learn, it also gives experienced photographers an edge as well.

    Randy continues to seek out new photographic subjects and opportunities and its wonderful performing a job that one loves, but photography is not a career for Randy. New subjects are always being sought after, new ideas being practiced and if you do have something you need a photographer for, Randy does accept limited bookings for events or portraits. Pricing is kept reasonable and reflects Randy’s investment in equipment, education, experience and willingness to spend the necessary time and attention to provide a personal, creative and unique approach to your photographic needs. It is always free to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and get a quote.

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