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Prospect Park In Spring Snow Storm 2014

Randy Briggs

    Randy Briggs

    Hi! My name is Randy Briggs and I was first introduced to photography while backpacking where the beauty that was surrounding me encouraged me to bring back photo’s. I started with film back in 1979 and eventually converted to digital when technology became advanced enough to allow it.

    While my education started with formal classroom training in B&W film and darkroom, I feel that most of my learning has come from actually getting out and taking photo’s! My most important lessons came about when I purchased a portable studio with lights and backgrounds and transported it to locations with a roll of film and 36 chances to get it right.

    Back in the 1980’s I really fell in love photographing weddings. The challenge of a wedding sharpens and tests skill in every aspect of photography from knowledge of equipment, working with subjects, controlling artificial and available light, and working in a fast changing environment. The way I viewed weddings is what better opportunity can a photographer get to capture images with subjects looking their very best from clothes, makeup, hair and some of the backgrounds were absolutely perfect! It allowed me to play with composition and shapes while arranging subjects, and doing so with subjects who at times were overwhelmed with emotion, be that good or bad.

    As my full time career took a change, time for booking weddings started becoming less often, so I found that photographing other types of subjects also was rewarding and did not require carrying around a bunch of lights and backdrops. I now use only portable lights or available lights with modifiers, this way I can travel around looking for unique opportunities.

    I still book occasional weddings, portraits and I am always looking for new opportunities in capturing subjects or events that are unique or different than that which I've already done.

    Photography is never ending education that I plan to continue in improving my skills. If you have an opportunity for me I can be contacted at the above email.

    Thank you for visiting.
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